Tea lights in glass holders

Doing Too Much

One of the greatest challenges of modern life is feeling like there is more to do than there is time to do it. There are several answers to this, but the best I have discovered is this: You can only do one thing at a time so make sure it’s the right thing. What I mean […]

Board game in Progress

Win Win

With this site I want to create a win win situation. This means that I want both you and me to develop more independence in our lives. The first purpose of this site is to generate an income in order that I can continue to educate my son full time. Also so that we can all help […]

Rocket mass Heater

Filming has begun

I forgot to mention that filming has begun. My schedule has been pretty hectic of late but I have managed to get out with the camera. The first person I got to film was Tony Morse up at Amity Farm. Tony, Mandy, their four children, and ever increasing flocks, herds, packs and sounders of animals live […]

Holding Space

The ability to hold space is a skill I value greatly and I wanted to say something about what it means and how it is used it in the context of the services that I offer. As a modality of counselling it is used to allow people to express feelings, ideas or actions non judgmentally. When space is held in an […]