Tables of Fruit


I don’t like political divisions, the nature of oppositional politics sets my teeth on edge. The notion that there is a left and a right that we somehow need to occupy is at best  naive, and at worst divisive. It is a notion that functions only to separate people, not only from one another but also […]


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction. It can certainly get up some people’s noses and why not, after all it’s just spiritual materialism isn’t it? There is no easy answer for me because on one level, yes, the acquisition of ones desires is certainly how it is marketed. On the other hand though there is a kernel at the […]

Camel loose on sand dunes

A Part of the Frame

There are several versions of this old Arabic tale. Mine goes something like this: A younger man and an older man are travelling through an inhospitable stretch of desert. They reach an Oasis as a storm begins to rise. As the old man is setting a shelter amidst the torrents of sand the young man calls to him. “Are you not […]

John Eden. Radio Show Host

An Independent Face on Radio

We have just returned from being interviewed by the John Eden for his show on Soundart Radio. For those who don’t know it, Soundart Radio is a local Independent, non-commercial radio station that broadcasts from Dartington Hall in South Devon. For me, in many ways, it feels like a residual echo of the Arts College […]