The last Sighting of Dr Green

Some Film Subjects

Since late autumn last year I have been filming people for the EI project. One subject I am planning to film in the next couple of weeks is Paul Wesley, an Independent bookshop owner who is retiring from trade and giving more time over to activism. Another, whom I shall just refer to as Elliot for […]

Creativity, Courage and Vulnerability

Courage and Creativity

It takes a certain type of courage to be creative. Have you ever made something and then felt concerned that other people may or may not like it? Remember, creativity can be anything you do to manifest something that wasn’t there before. That could be a painting, a meal, dancing or a relationship. Being independent and being […]

Cards for Tabletop game

It’s a Game

I have been making a board game. No, not that one, another one. It will be finished tomorrow.   I have felt like I should be doing other things. More important things. More financially lucrative things, but I have loved doing it. There is something about being immersed in the process of creation that makes […]