Ethernet Spaghetti

Cables: A Parable.

Finally, after a good couple of hours of plundering the infoverse for answers to the question of how to work around Apple’s accidental driver blacklisting of the ethernet port in their last software update, I found one, tucked into the cleft of an easily overlooked forum. It was somewhat nonchalant about being found, as if […]

Interdependent Collaboration

A Year of Independence

In the background, peeping out from behind this window, is the project page for an intro film I am in the process of making. It’s purpose? To promote the idea and movement towards Independence in Democracy. Surprisingly it has been delayed, but that is because a lot has been happening. More and more people keep emerging, inspirational […]

Identity and Difference

Identity and Difference

It is the process of identification that leads us to division. It also how we identify that leads to connection. When we identify as a nation, a race, a creed, an age, a gender, a religion, a lifestyle, a political movement, a team, or even as a brand, then we divide ourselves. We create difference. It is […]

European Union Map

Britain, Europe & Independence

Are you convinced yet? Are you still standing, weaving away from the media steamroller of opinion? In fact there seems to be little in the way of anything other than opinion at the moment. The conservative driven media complex is largely flooded with emotionally driven opinion pieces from both sides. Independent commentators exist but are generally lost […]

Independence in Democracy Interview: Danny Bamping

Independence in Democracy Interview: Danny Bamping

Another representative at the Totnes Meeting promoting independents was Danny Bamping of the No Party movement. The No Party movement is dedicated to encouraging people to vote for independent candidates in local, regional and national elections. It is also dedicated to supporting the people who choose to stand as candidates. Danny explains more here…

Independence in Democracy Interview: Martyn Greene

Independence in Democracy Interviews: Martyn Greene

The Campaign for Free Parliament believes that the party political system as it stands impairs the ability of parliament to make sound long-term decisions. The whip system, that dictates how members shall vote on important policy removes the decision making process from the individual and makes it a party issue. The Campaign for Free Parliament, amongst […]