independence in Democracy Budget

IID Film Series Budget

So some people have asked why I am asking for the amount of money that I am. First, some background. (Figures begin half way down) At the first meeting of the South Devon Independents Group back in May the idea of mounting a campaign to promote a greater number of Independents at county level was […]

The path of politics

Is This The Sound Oppositional Politics Makes as it Starts Collapsing Under the Weight of Integrity?

It would appear that Alex Mockridge has made the National News. Well done Alex! Just when you thought you had moved on, political commentary reaches out, grabs you and pulls you back into the arena for more. “Oh no.” It says. “We’re not done with you yet.” To be fair the article isn’t really having a […]

Growing a Community

Stepping up the Pace.

The pace is stepping up. It’s Our County is one of two grass roots, values based, local political organisations to have contacted me over the last week. The other is Residents for Uttlesford. This is good for two reasons: Educating Independence – and more specifically the Independence in Democracy Film series – is increasing it’s reach. As a […]

IIDI Ron Fox - A Perspective

IIDI: Ron Fox – A Different Perspective.

Ron Fox’s interview can be seen as the second part of three interviews I made with Independent candidates on Buckfastleigh’s Town Council. Ron is a member of B.I.G. (Buckfastliegh Independents Group) along with Pam. Fanny Jackson (interview coming soon!) is a Buckastleigh Town Council independent who is independent of the Buckfastliegh Independents Group. Between them they represent, […]

IIDI: Peter Macfadyen - Independents from Frome

IIDI: Peter MacFadyen – Author of Flatpack Democracy

Peter MacFadyen makes many good points, one echoes the central principle of this site; that the idea of independence is a good frame to start with because it highlights the structures, processes and people where our current dependences are set – and also where we thought we were dependent and are not, but that the engagement with the question of […]

IIDI: Pam Barrett - Buckfastleigh Independence Group

IIDI: Pam Barrett – Independent Town Councillor

The trouble with definitions is that they are never absolute. To say that someone is a town councillor doesn’t really explain who or what a town councillor is or does. While there are similarities, one persons engagement with the position is different from another’s. Likewise, to say that someone is an independent town councillor doesn’t […]