A message to contributors and sharers

Independence in Democracy: A Message to Contributors & Sharers

I am both old enough and wise enough to know what makes a crowdfunding campaign successful. Firstly you need a community: a group of people who support the ideals, principles, values or vision that you represent. Generally they need to have been following you for long enough that they have an experience of your capabilities, true […]

Nothing Happened

Nothing to see here.

My Independence in Democracy Film Series has been responding to the rise of what can best be described as a grass roots engagement in the political process. People are demanding more transparency and accountability from their elected officials because they are sick of the mismatch between political rhetoric and the reality of outcomes. As a result, people up […]

Totnes Civic Square

Building over Totnes: A Guide to Objecting

If you haven’t already heard apparently they could be building all over central Totnes. And the deadline for objections is this Friday (12th August) at 5pm Here’s the Film detailing the sites… WHAT CAN I DO? Sign this petition…. SIGN HERE… Send and email with your objections to… strategic.planning@swdevon.gov.uk Here are some of the things you might […]

Totnes Progressive Alliance Meeting

Totnes Progressive Alliance Meeting Q&A

Late on  Thursday afternoon, on the 26th July 2016, Totnes Civic Hall hosted a panel of speakers talking and answering questions on the question of what a Progressive Alliance between parties might look like. The panel represented the three major oppositional parties, Natalie Bennett spoke for the Green Party, Julian Brazil for the Liberal Democrats […]

Totnes Share Shop

Totnes is soon to get it’s own share shop – if everything goes to plan. Speaking with Kate Reed, steering committee member and Project Coordinator with the Network of Wellbeing, I learnt that a currently disused garage at the edge of the Guildhall complex of buildings behind St. Mary’s Church may soon become the site […]