A message to contributors and sharers

Independence in Democracy: A Message to Contributors & Sharers

I am both old enough and wise enough to know what makes a crowdfunding campaign successful. Firstly you need a community: a group of people who support the ideals, principles, values or vision that you represent. Generally they need to have been following you for long enough that they have an experience of your capabilities, true […]

Nothing Happened

Nothing to see here.

My Independence in Democracy Film Series has been responding to the rise of what can best be described as a grass roots engagement in the political process. People are demanding more transparency and accountability from their elected officials because they are sick of the mismatch between political rhetoric and the reality of outcomes. As a result, people up […]

independence in Democracy Budget

IID Film Series Budget

So some people have asked why I am asking for the amount of money that I am. First, some background. (Figures begin half way down) At the first meeting of the South Devon Independents Group back in May the idea of mounting a campaign to promote a greater number of Independents at county level was […]

The path of politics

Is This The Sound Oppositional Politics Makes as it Starts Collapsing Under the Weight of Integrity?

It would appear that Alex Mockridge has made the National News. Well done Alex! Just when you thought you had moved on, political commentary reaches out, grabs you and pulls you back into the arena for more. “Oh no.” It says. “We’re not done with you yet.” To be fair the article isn’t really having a […]

IIDI Alex Mockridge

IIDI: Alex Mockridge.

If elected, Alex Mockridge, at the age of 18, would be the youngest district councillor on record. In terms of the questions I am asking around independence in politics she embodies something of the transformation I am seeing in the formal political structures. The old way of doing politics, in my mind was founded on policies. […]