Totnes Share Shop

Totnes is soon to get it’s own share shop – if everything goes to plan. Speaking with Kate Reed, steering committee member and Project Coordinator with the Network of Wellbeing, I learnt that a currently disused garage at the edge of the Guildhall complex of buildings behind St. Mary’s Church may soon become the site […]

The path of politics

Is This The Sound Oppositional Politics Makes as it Starts Collapsing Under the Weight of Integrity?

It would appear that Alex Mockridge has made the National News. Well done Alex! Just when you thought you had moved on, political commentary reaches out, grabs you and pulls you back into the arena for more. “Oh no.” It says. “We’re not done with you yet.” To be fair the article isn’t really having a […]

IIDI Ron Fox - A Perspective

IIDI: Ron Fox – A Different Perspective.

Ron Fox’s interview can be seen as the second part of three interviews I made with Independent candidates on Buckfastleigh’s Town Council. Ron is a member of B.I.G. (Buckfastliegh Independents Group) along with Pam. Fanny Jackson (interview coming soon!) is a Buckastleigh Town Council independent who is independent of the Buckfastliegh Independents Group. Between them they represent, […]

IIDI Alex Mockridge

IIDI: Alex Mockridge.

If elected, Alex Mockridge, at the age of 18, would be the youngest district councillor on record. In terms of the questions I am asking around independence in politics she embodies something of the transformation I am seeing in the formal political structures. The old way of doing politics, in my mind was founded on policies. […]

Helle & Brian Alternative Party

IIDI: Helle Engelbrechtsen & Brian Fransden

Helle Engelbrechtsen & Brian Fransden are two members of Denmark’s Alternative Party. They kindly gave me a 40 minute interview while they were over in England running a series of workshops with Brian Mcfadyen from Frome’s IiF. In the interview they explain something of the  foundations of the progressive form of politics they have been collectively […]


On the Run

I have just returned from Frome where an inspiring collection of people have been meeting to discuss ways of creating a more inclusive political process. Thanks to the hospitality of Peter Mcfadyen I was able to film interviews with five of them: Peter himself gave me an interview about the Independents from Frome which ranged between […]

Independence in Democracy Interview: Danny Bamping

Independence in Democracy Interview: Danny Bamping

Another representative at the Totnes Meeting promoting independents was Danny Bamping of the No Party movement. The No Party movement is dedicated to encouraging people to vote for independent candidates in local, regional and national elections. It is also dedicated to supporting the people who choose to stand as candidates. Danny explains more here…