A message to contributors and sharers

Independence in Democracy: A Message to Contributors & Sharers

I am both old enough and wise enough to know what makes a crowdfunding campaign successful. Firstly you need a community: a group of people who support the ideals, principles, values or vision that you represent. Generally they need to have been following you for long enough that they have an experience of your capabilities, true […]

independence in Democracy Budget

IID Film Series Budget

So some people have asked why I am asking for the amount of money that I am. First, some background. (Figures begin half way down) At the first meeting of the South Devon Independents Group back in May the idea of mounting a campaign to promote a greater number of Independents at county level was […]

Helle & Brian Alternative Party

IIDI: Helle Engelbrechtsen & Brian Fransden

Helle Engelbrechtsen & Brian Fransden are two members of Denmark’s Alternative Party. They kindly gave me a 40 minute interview while they were over in England running a series of workshops with Brian Mcfadyen from Frome’s IiF. In the interview they explain something of the  foundations of the progressive form of politics they have been collectively […]


On the Run

I have just returned from Frome where an inspiring collection of people have been meeting to discuss ways of creating a more inclusive political process. Thanks to the hospitality of Peter Mcfadyen I was able to film interviews with five of them: Peter himself gave me an interview about the Independents from Frome which ranged between […]

Interdependent Collaboration

A Year of Independence

In the background, peeping out from behind this window, is the project page for an intro film I am in the process of making. It’s purpose? To promote the idea and movement towards Independence in Democracy. Surprisingly it has been delayed, but that is because a lot has been happening. More and more people keep emerging, inspirational […]

EU Flag

EU: Leave or Remain?

There is a post going about on Facebook about whether or not to stay in Europe. The basic premise is that of a group deciding to leave a nightclub without deciding where to go next. Once they leave that can’t get back in. So where do they go. Answer: They all end up in the […]