Growing a Community

Stepping up the Pace.

The pace is stepping up. It’s Our County is one of two grass roots, values based, local political organisations to have contacted me over the last week. The other is Residents for Uttlesford. This is good for two reasons: Educating Independence – and more specifically the Independence in Democracy Film series – is increasing it’s reach. As a […]

IIDI Ron Fox - A Perspective

IIDI: Ron Fox – A Different Perspective.

Ron Fox’s interview can be seen as the second part of three interviews I made with Independent candidates on Buckfastleigh’s Town Council. Ron is a member of B.I.G. (Buckfastliegh Independents Group) along with Pam. Fanny Jackson (interview coming soon!) is a Buckastleigh Town Council independent who is independent of the Buckfastliegh Independents Group. Between them they represent, […]

The Seal of the USA


I want you to be financially independent. I want you to be financially independent because the more of us who wise up and pursue this option it is my belief that the more equal the economic system will ultimatly become. In a capitalist economy – at least the super monopolised version that we have – […]

A Stone Wall

Economic Independence

Let’s face it, something is terribly wrong with the way we live. We have practically everything back to front in terms of what is commonly  valued. We are sold things that we are told will make us feel complete when in fact we already are complete. We are just never taught how to recognise our completness. Not […]

Icarus Falls

Emotional Independence

TWO THINGS: The first – DESIRE. You want something, in fact you want something so bad that you feel like you need it. Further more, if you don’t get it you feel like a part of you is going to remain hungry for the whole of eternity. The second – FEAR. You don’t want something. In fact […]

The Strongest Link

The Power of Independence

There are, of course, a number of ways that life could play out over the coming years, but if you haven’t clocked on already things are changing and they are changing dramatically. In every scenario though the act of individuals taking responsibility for their lives negates the abuse of power every time because when one […]