IIDI: Pam Barrett - Buckfastleigh Independence Group

IIDI: Pam Barrett – Independent Town Councillor

The trouble with definitions is that they are never absolute. To say that someone is a town councillor doesn’t really explain who or what a town councillor is or does. While there are similarities, one persons engagement with the position is different from another’s. Likewise, to say that someone is an independent town councillor doesn’t really explain who or what an independent town councillor is or does.

Pam Barrett is an independent town councillor.

Clive Austin

Clive Austin is the founder of Educating Independence.
He is a Writer, Filmmaker and Educator.
His background is in curiosity, extreme sports and being creative.
He likes some things more than other things, and the things he loves are generally not things at all.


  1. Pam is a real community champion and an asset to our beautiful little town. Thanks for putting this 🙂

    • Pam is an example and an inspiration to many people Karen. It’s a pleasure to be able to promote her and the message of engagement she represents.

    • I would if I had time Edgardo.

      I would happily include closed captions for anyone who can transcribe the interviews.

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