IIDI: Peter Macfadyen - Independents from Frome

IIDI: Peter MacFadyen – Author of Flatpack Democracy

Peter MacFadyen makes many good points, one echoes the central principle of this site; that the idea of independence is a good frame to start with because it highlights the structures, processes and people where our current dependences are set – and also where we thought we were dependent and are not, but that the engagement with the question of independence does not end there. Rather it inspires us to seek practical and logistical solutions to our dependencies. Ultimately it causes us to question the nature, function and value of our relationships and how we will resolve the issues that we face.

Peter Macfadyen reminds me of David Lynch.

For me he is the David Lynch of Local Independent Politics.

He has also written a book called Flatpack Democracy.

You can buy it here.

and you can read his blog here.

and you can find out more about the Independents from Frome here.

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