IIDI Ron Fox - A Perspective

IIDI: Ron Fox – A Different Perspective.

Ron Fox’s interview can be seen as the second part of three interviews I made with Independent candidates on Buckfastleigh’s Town Council.

Ron is a member of B.I.G. (Buckfastliegh Independents Group) along with Pam.

Fanny Jackson (interview coming soon!) is a Buckastleigh Town Council independent who is independent of the Buckfastliegh Independents Group.

Between them they represent, in a very basic sense, the spectrum of options for independent candidates.


  1. Be part of a group with other Independents.
  2. Be independent of a group of independents.

Their stories are worth following for many reasons not least for this fact; that we might find out the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies.

Everyone is motivated to participate in local politics for different reasons. Some peoples motivations don’t even involve politics. It’s almost like we need a new term for participating in community and the pragmatics of it’s organisation.

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Clive Austin

Clive Austin is the founder of Educating Independence.
He is a Writer, Filmmaker and Educator.
His background is in curiosity, extreme sports and being creative.
He likes some things more than other things, and the things he loves are generally not things at all.

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