Helena Norberg Hodge in Ladakh

One Way to Rebalance the World

My blog activity has diminished over the last few months. Generally this has been the result of time, or rather a lack of it.

I still have footage from the Independence in Democracy Film Series to put up, that I will be releasing over the coming months, but without funding it has to be in my free time, which has shrunk.

The rest of my free energies are being poured into a film project, the outcome of my engagement with the local and national movements towards more inclusive forms of democratic engagement. That and Monsters, it will also be about monsters.

In the meantime I finally got round to processing some footage I shot in association with the Network of Wellbeing at the request of Joshua Malkin (whose personal blog can be found here)

The workshop was run by Helena Norbert Hodge and Anja Lyngbaek from Local Futures. It was entitled ‘The Economics of Happiness’. It examined the challenges of living in a system that prioritises the health of the market over the health of the individuals whom it was created to serve, and what   strategies we might employ to redress the balance.

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*Feature Image by Bridget Ringdahl. Ripped in good faith from her fabulous blog

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