When you have more choice as to how you meet your needs you are more independent. The more independent you are the greater freedom you have to chose on whom or what you become dependent. 

Whether I am called an educator, strategist, life coach, consultant, counsellor, guide, facilitator or teacher, my primary role in people’s lives is to help them improve the ways they meet their needs, be this materially, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

This is why, when I am asked the question “What do you do?” my short answer is always the same.

“I educate independence.”


It is the underlying principle that the more of our own needs we meet the more we grow towards maturity. This growth of maturity is the growth of responsibility and a movement towards accepting and integrating the knowledge that we gain of ourselves, others and the world through our relationships. We could call this a movement towards wholeness, towards a fuller experience and expression of ourselves. As a result of this individual growth, we develop into more resilient and nurturing communities. We recognise the value in helping others to mature and where there are dependencies they are chosen and embraced because they serve all those concerned.

My intent in setting up this website is to reach people; to create a point of focus from which people can draw help in the shape of knowledge, inspiration, and support, so that they might create for themselves a greater sense of freedom, wholeness, fulfilment, purpose, and maturity.

It is my experience that when people help themselves, and each other in this way, then the communities they are a part of become better places to live. Imagine a world in which the underlying principle of our education was to learn to be as independent as we could be, a world in which we would help each other on this path. What might that look like to you?

So is dependence wrong or unhealthy?

Yes and no. Educating Independence is about educating people towards more independence. To a greater or lesser extent we are always dependent on someone in some way, be they a teacher, carer, provider or guide, etc. The degree to which a person’s dependency is unhealthy is determined by the degree to which that person has a choice over being dependent. Dependence can be highly undesirable when we have no choice over it. Debt to the bank. Working in a job we hate to pay the bills. Staying in a relationship with an abusive partner for those times when we feel loved because we don’t know where else we would ever find love in the world.

There is great value in independence because it gives us more options when it comes to choosing the ways in which we feel the need to be dependent. If you could meet half of your financial needs without having to work would you still find value in doing the job you do? If you felt fulfilled by the love you have for yourself would you remain in a relationship where you were emotionally or physically abused? In this way independence is about creating more choice. When it comes to meeting out needs we are able to meet our own first and foremost. The self-reliance that arrises from this makes us more resilient to the ever changing tides of life. Taking responsibility for meeting our needs returns to us a greater sense of freedom because we have a greater sense of control.

That said there will be times in practically everyones lives when we need to rely on others. The trick is not to feel stuck there – or to keep someone else stuck there for us.

EDUCATING INDEPENDENCE is dedicated to helping people find solutions to developing more independence for themselves.

The website does this across four sections:

BLOG: Contains useful information gathered together in a range of articles, commentaries, updates and reviews.

PRODUCTS: E-Books and films provide information in more depth and more detail.

SERVICES: I offer personalised coaching and training services for both individuals and groups who require faster change. This work is centred around the notion of developing independence and increasing the sense of purpose, discovering value, exercising control and experiencing  a sense of growth.

INSPIRATION: This section links to our YouTube Channel. Here you will find a growing range of content designed to enlighten, inspire and inform people towards creating more independence in their lives.



As we learn to recognise our needs and how to meet them for ourselves, or through the consensual collaboration of others, then life takes on different flavour. The relationships that we build with others become more on interaction than on transaction because we are no longer constrained to performing certain actions to have our needs met. We are free to be ourselves and be met and valued as such. Our dependencies are more and more based on a conscious choice. Our relationships move from being dependent to being interdependent.

I would be very surprised if you weren’t already doing this in your life, even if it were only in some small way. Of course, the question of your dependencies and whether they serve you is a question that ultimately you can only answer for yourself.

Whether you are seeking a strategy to overcome a dependency or whether you are seeking knowledge inspiration to expand your horizons, then this site is here to serve you.

I wish you the very best,

Clive Austin.




© 2016 Clive Austin