What I do is really very simple. I ask questions.

I ask questions and I listen to the answers.

This continues until things begin to shift.

The questions that I ask come in all shapes and sizes. They can be simple, complex, difficult, stupid, funny, deep, personal, inspired, clever, challenging. They can take any form really.

They can break patterns, open up perspectives and challenge assumptions.

When you are my client then you hear questions that most people in your life won’t ask you and there may be times that that I will challenge the answers that you give me. This is done with the  greatest amount of respect, as it is my intent to help you improve your experience of life. Invariably change involves moving into areas that we are unfamiliar with and this can feel uncomfortable. A large part of my roll is to help you reach those places where you can confront your discomfort while making sure that you feel safe in the process.

I am good at both asking questions and creating a safe space for you to be in because I am accepting and compassionate.

Ultimately the process is about me revealing yourself back to you, and then helping you to define more and better ways in which you can make choices that support you being yourself.

The principle is simple but the work, more often than not, requires effort. The quicker you can trust me and open to your discomfort the faster we can move from one state to the next. Some clients can accomplish this is only a hand full of sessions. Others, less. Some clients respond to a gradual approach that builds and sustains for several months.

My goal is to help clients reach a point where they are free of needing me to help in supporting their change. That through working with me they learn the system that I use. Not all clients want this and even those that do will often return for refreshers, or with questions or developments of their own, but for the most part they are able to meet their own needs.

The notion of being independent is central to this process because the more of our needs we can identify and meet for ourselves then the more empowered we are in our choices. The ultimate expression of this is that we have the tools and abilities to deal with our needs as and when they arise. As a result, when we enter into relationships with others the value they bring to our lives is not based on necessity but on choice. Relationships become less about transaction and more about interaction.

Most clients come with a specific area they are looking to focus on. Broadly speaking these fall into the following categories:

  • Identifying and living in alignment with one’s purpose.
  • Personal Development.
  • Organisational Development.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Creating and maintaining wellbeing.
  • Understanding and Cultivating Self Motivation.
  • Stress Management and Reduction Strategies.

A Note on The Importance of Relationship

It is important to recognise that the development of independence is done in the context of relationship.

Through recognising how we come to meet our needs for ourselves we recognise the true value of having our needs met by others. In this way relationships take on new meaning, value and purpose. They are less transactional and more interactional.

The more honesty and acceptance we bring to the process of relating, be it to ourselves, others or the world, the more knowledge and understanding we gain about life. When we live as an expression of this knowledge we live more authentically.

It takes courage to live intimately because it requires that we make ourselves vulnerable.

The rewards are great though. The better we know ourselves the clearer we can be on what it means to be ourselves. It is this integrity that is central to our wellbeing.

Knowing and Being yourself is the path, not the destination.

Sessions begin at £45. This covers 1 hour consultation and up to 2 hours research, preparation and reflection.



Most people can achieve more than they believe they are capable of – once they  achieve something they never thought possible.

This can be as simple as doing something that you have never done before – with encouragement we can all do this. Once we have proved to ourselves that we can then our capacity to imagine that we can grows, because now we have proof.

All we need is a good set of tools, the knowledge of how to use them and the belief in ourselves.

The system of training that I offer is based on deconstructing life to a set of first principles and in doing so identifying physical and psychological needs and how we learn to recognise and meet them. What this training gives participants is a deeper understanding of why they and others, and the systems they operate in, work in the way that they do. It gives a deeper insight into life. It is a language with which the world can be read in greater detail. In this sense it does not offer answers, rather it creates new ways of asking questions that shifts the perspective of the querent into potentially more creative realms.

Intensive training is offered for small groups.

Day long Seminars (8 hours) begin at £900 (based on a group of 5)

These seminars are intended to be challenging and potentially life changing. They take place in inspirational settings, include high quality food, exclusive course material and the shared focus of a group of individuals who are all intent on creating an exceptional level of personal development.



As a complimentary strategy to the more cerebral and abstract systems I also teach a profound system of exercise that works on a somatic level. I have it’s practice invaluable because, when directed appropriately, it’s practice will free up very early trauma, trauma that cannot be reached through conversational psychoanalysis as it is embedded in the neural connections of the physical body, and simply cannot be accessed through thought alone.

Cosmos Chi Gong is a gentle system of exercise that relaxes and opens both the body and mind. With consistent practice the student of Cosmos Chi Gung will gather and store energy in the body, sharpen the mind, lighten the heart, strengthening the spirit and working to disinhibit the flow of energy within the body.

Cosmos Chi Gong draws on the forms of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Gong as taught by Wong Kiew Kit and integrates the Nei Gong practices of Hao T’ai Chi, from the lineage of Liu Jishun via Andy Harris. It also integrates methods, forms, principles and practices from a variety of other martial and healing arts that I have studied over 30 years of practice.

The practice of Cosmos Chi Gong can be summarised as the practice of attentive relaxation. Within and through this practice we enter into an intimate relationship with ourselves, developing our sense of being in all of it’s distinctions; body, mind, emotion and sensation. With daily practice the benefits of it’s exercises overflow into everyday life in a way that seeks to bring us into balance and generally to improve our quality of life.


Private lessons of at least 90 minutes are available for individuals and groups of up to 4 from £45




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