The Seed of an idea

The Plan (and an open invitation)


Yes, I am still here.

and No, I didn’t spend the funds raised on a 2 week holiday in the Algarve.

Instead I saved it. I thought about the best way to spend it. Actually I thought so hard I gave up. It was then that the idea came to me, embarrassing my with it blinding obviousness.

A film.

I’m going to make a film.

Next Tuesday evening, October the 4th, in this year of 2016, there will be a meeting.

The Meeting will be a public meeting and will be held at Newton Abbot Racecourse here in Devon.

The purpose of the meeting is to raise awareness of an emerging political movement, a movement that aims to get accountable, transparent, and open candidates elected as County Councillors in the elections of May next year.

The plan then is to film this meeting and make a documentary from the footage.

What it won’t be is fly on the wall documentary that just catalogues the event. This is a mistake that I made with the Independence in Democracy film series and it has not served me creatively. If you want nutrition you go to a nutritionist. If you want flavour you go to a chef. I am a chef that has been trying to prescribe what is healthy rather than just making good food that people want to eat.

So this post, as well as keeping those who have supported me informed as to how I will be spending their investment in the project, is also to act as an open invitation to those who are involved in the movement to take part in the film.

It is my intention to interview people though out the course of the evening.

Just so you all know.


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Clive Austin

Clive Austin is the founder of Educating Independence.
He is a Writer, Filmmaker and Educator.
His background is in curiosity, extreme sports and being creative.
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